What is “faux finishing”?                               


Faux (pronounced “foe”) is the

French word for “false”, or

“imitation”, hence the terms “faux bois”

(false wood) or “faux porphyry”

(false stone).



Faux finishing is the process of

creating illusions of depth and

complexity on a given surface, using

paint, glaze, plaster and a host of other

materials, which are applied with a wide

range of tools.



In addition to imitating the look of

different materials, faux finishing

can simulate age or patina, making

brand new walls look centuries old.


The art of faux finishing is a collection

of age-old, carefully guarded secrets,

handed down from master to apprentice,

who were members of the

ancient, exclusive  Guilds

combined with the new techniques currently

being discovered and used today.


Faux finishes expertly imitate the

look of cost-prohibitive and rare materials

like tropical hardwoods, exotic

marble or gilding at a fraction of

their expense, while also preserving

valuable natural resources.


These arts have been around since

the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks

and Romans, on through the Renaissance

and Baroque periods, up our present day’s

resurgence of interest. However,

far from there being “nothing new under the sun”,

the materials and techniques of today

allow us to create fantastic works of art

both efficiently and economically,  

making faux finishing an attractive, unusual and

highly desirable design option for your home or






Our services include, but are not limited to:


Ø      Custom Interior Decorative Painting and Faux Finishes

·         Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Architectural Elements

·         Kitchen  & Bathroom Cabinets

Ø      Custom Exterior Decorative Painting and Faux Finishes

·         Walls, Coping, Architectural Elements

·         Metal-work - Lighting Fixtures, Gates, Railings, Gutters

·         Entry Doors, Garage Doors, Shutters

·         Decorative Stonework, Concrete Stain & Seal

Ø      Custom Wood Finishing & Re-Finishing

·         New work

·         Stripping & Re-finishing of Existing Work


Ø      Restoration of Historical Finishes


Ø      Low VOC Environmentally-Friendly “Green” Finishes and Products






Our job is to provide elegant finishes that command attention and admiration.


We mean it when we say “Custom Decorative Painting”!


The finishes that we create are tailored specifically for you! We can give your home the distinctive look and quality that sets it apart.


We also understand how difficult making design decisions can be, in some cases, less is more, at other times boldness is the key. Making color choices can be an agonizing process, full of uncertainty.  We will help you define your own style – as we say, “Achieving your vision is both our business and our pleasure.”




An initial consultation is provided to you free of charge.  We will go through our portfolio as well as different design aids that will point the right direction for your project. After preliminary decisions have been made, we will provide a complimentary sample board (24”x24”) based on the ideas we have arrived at together, so you will know exactly how the work will proceed. 


(Additional samples will then be available for a nominal fee, priced according to degree of difficulty)


Of course, “a picture is worth a thousand words…”, and if you have an inspiration in the form of a photograph from a periodical or a book, all the better! We relish the opportunity to replicate it.




Each job has its own unique challenges, and many factors have an influence on our fees, including condition of the surfaces to be finished, cost of materials, the number of individual steps in sequence required to execute the finish, and time constraints/deadlines. Generally, we charge by the square foot for most jobs, and that price is dictated by complexity of the finish.


Think of a great faux finish as a gourmet meal, albeit the effect is permanent rather than ephemeral! Each recipe calls for different ingredients (some common, some more rare and therefore expensive), along with varying degrees of finesse in the execution.


All projects over $1,000.00 will require a 10% deposit before commencement, with the balance due upon completion.