Q: "I live in a newer development where we have an HOA. What is the rule when wanting to faux finish my garage door?"

A:    "In certain neighborhoods and developments it will be necessary to submit a proposal to the Home Owners Associations for that area before commencing on any exterior painting projects.

We will be happy to attend a monthly meeting or arrange a presentation on the benefits of our services for your HOA."

Q: "My garage door faces the south and gets a lot of exposure to the elements. Is this finish going to last?"

A:  "Each door gets a final 3 coats of high grade marine spar-varnish -  guaranteeing it's durability for 24 months. After that period, it may be necessary to apply an additional coat or two every year. This is a fast and easy DIY project for the homeowner, or we can come out and apply the varnish for a minimal fee."

Q: “I want to ‘woodgrain’ my garage door, but I’m not sure what color ‘shade’ of wood tone it should be so that it will not clash with my house.”

A:  “What we often do is incorporate the tones and colors in your exterior paint into the many layers of the faux bois glazes. This way, the choice of wood ‘shade’ matches seamlessly with the existing structure and nothing clashes. For homes where the predominant colors are blue and grey, we recommend a very complimentary ‘Tudor Oak’ finish.”

Q:  “I have no idea what I want in my home and on my walls! I have no eye for color and I don’t trust myself to make the right choice!”

A:   “Have no fear! We will work with you and use all the aspects of color and décor that are in your home when helping you with these important choices. Our objective is to create a harmonious balance of compliment and contrast within your living space.”

Q:  “We want our kitchen cabinets done in that antique - distressed style. What's the turn-around time on a job like that?”

A:   “Keep in mind that we are custom painting and glazing your cabinets and this process is more time consuming than say, kitchen cabinet re-facing, where you must pick from a stock selection of veneers. You have chosen specific colors and accents that will set your kitchen apart from the run-of-the-mill. That understood, you can expect to be without your cabinet doors and drawer fronts for at 5 to 8 days, depending on the size. those are taken to the workshop to be finished, then returned and re-installed to match the cabinet frames.”