Eric indirectly began his education in the decorative arts when he took an interest in the theater. It was while directing a number of local productions in the Southern California area that he received a few crash courses in scenic design and set painting from such teachers as John C. Blankenchip of USC and from David Maverick Lane of LACC.

To finance his theater hobby, as well as put food on the table, Eric began training in antique furniture restoration in 1991, when he apprenticed under Christopher Collins, who was the first American to work for the Queen’s restoration staff at Marlborough House in England.

It was through his work on antique furniture and theatrical scenic painting that he began to cultivate an interest in painted finishes, and from there it was a natural progression towards learning faux wall treatments and effects. Eric has learned much from fine artist Salvatore Matteo, who further clarified his grasp of color and perspective.

From these influences, Eric has developed his expertise with a solid background and devotion to preserving the fine European traditions of the Old Masters, along with a healthy curiosity for the wave of new materials and innovations of tomorrow.